Monday, February 05, 2007

rushed off my paws

when it snowed, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

i have had to be very firm with herself and make her sit down to write my blog. my public have been getting nervous. i think even herself became aware of this when sergeant goose asked here what i have been up to and enquired as to whether i have abandoned my writing career.

the answer, dear readers, is no. unfortunately, until they perfect voice recognition software for dogs, i have to rely on herself to put my ideas down on paper or in fact in cyberspace. and i think it may be a long time. how a computer would be able to tell that a "woof" from me meant the same as a "woof" from a chihuahua is a perplexing thought.

herself is not all that reliable. there have been myriad excuses. she has blamed designing websites, producing newsletters, taking grandma out for lunch, designing major projects (which i have to say sound destined for failure) in the garden, talking with friends and most of all making lists.

the whole "getting life organised" thing seems to be taking up a lot of time. quite a bit of this is clicking on the little box which says "postpone" next to tasks which say "overdue". i am sure all this gives her some sense of control over the domestic chaos but it should not get in the way of my literary endevours.

so, dear readers, i have made her add "write joker's blog" to her list. along with "groom joker" and various other essential jobs. i will be watching her...

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deb said...

Good to know that Joker is keeping a close eye on you, God knows what you might get up to otherwise. As for myself, I'm sick to death of winter.