Thursday, February 08, 2007


well i have to say i am in the bad books. big time.

yesterday the peeps had tomato soup and bread and cheese. apart from himself who had some sort of cow stew which herself was a bit scathing about. herself and my boy had grated cheese on their soup.

my boy got full. herself said it would be good for 11ses. i suppose even if i could have got my head round what 11ses were i may not have take it on board. anyway the soup and the cheese were left unattended and somehow i ate them. all of them.

this caused a bit of consternation last night but nothing compared to this morning. my boy was making cheese straws. regular readers will be aware of the whole cookery (or food technology as it now seems to be called) thing. the teacher is not altogether understanding of how things are round our place. so herself had to write a little note about how "the dog ate my homework" which was not altogether true as had i known it was for my boy i might have left a bit.

also herself went off to her counseller. this is a lady who makes life better for her. when she got back i did not hear her so i was caught red-pawed sleeping on the new sofas. hmmm.

as it turned out the cookery lady donated a bit of cheese so my boy was able to make cheese straws rather than just straws. somehow i have failed to manage to try them...


Anonymous said...

Joker, you are a wanker. I too have a thief, two actually, in my house. Hope herself is doing well.

Aoj said...

Oh lordy Joker, you are soooo in trouble!!

Lou McGill said...

the golden rule joker is not to get caught!!!