Thursday, January 18, 2007


gtd, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

the other night the peeps were lying in bed reading. herself was a bit hacked off with her book. himself said "well, why don't you get another one?" "i can't afford to take them back to the library" she said.

it turns out that the library project has been a dismal failure. herself started the new year with a lot of plans about how to make life perfect, or at least less imperfect. one was to get the family finances sorted out. this involved stopping spending money. so she went to the library to avoid buying books. it is not altogether clear to me how she fails to remember previous excursions to the library, one of which involved posting the books through the lettterbox when it was closed to avoid payingthe huge fines she had run up.

recently a letter arrived. it said that herself had run up over £20 worth of fines. himself was not impressed. "you could buy 20 detective novels from amazon for that!" he cried. "you are pathologically programmed to spend money!"

herself decided she needed to get her life in order. diarising deadlines would be the answer. by chance the very next day sergeant goose came up with the solution. "its called getting things done" he said"you just need a couple of notebooks and all of a sudden you have your life back".

i am not sure herself altogether got the point of this. she was straight on the internet buying the book about how to get your life in order. then she spent hours surfing the net about time management (which it appears is all about how to save time). she told himself what it was all about. "basically if you can do it in 2 minutes you do it straight away and don't procrastinate" she said. i am not sure how this differs from her normal approach to life, except for the 2 minute limit. she usually does things straight away regardless of how long they might take.

the following morning i was rather alarmed to be pulled out of bed at 6.30am. it seemed i had to be groomed. i had not even folded up my pyjamas (that is a joke, dear readers, we lurchers cannot get pyjamas to fit us so we have to sleep in the altogether). it seems that, as she could groom me in under 2 minutes, it had to be done immediately. a rather sudden start to the day, as i am sure you can imagine.

himself was mightily concerned. "that sergeant goose has no idea what he has unleashed!" he said.

but i am much less itchy, so it can't be all bad...


dogfaceboy said...

Bwahahahaha! Thanks for linking from Flickr. I needed a laugh, and I wouldn't have seen this otherwise. I count on your flickr links.

Oh, hahaha. :)

deb said...

I looked at some of your photos on flickr, you take lovely pictures. I envy you living so close to the ocean, that is one thing I miss living in Edmonton. I love the sound of the water, doesn't matter what the weather is like (apparently I'm sunshine, I don't thing the test is too accurate), I just like the sound of the water. Thanks.

Lawyer Mama said...

Your organization system sounds like mine! (And I can't go back to the library either.)

jen said...

that is hilarious. sometimes we can go way overboard, once we start kicking ourselves in the butt.

and thanks for your comment my way yesterday - truly. thank you.

Tabba said...'s funny how everyone can be affected when we decide to do inventory on ourselves, eh?