Tuesday, February 27, 2007

see gulls

fledgling, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

i overheard a fascinating conversation over the breakfast table this morning.

over the weekend herself has modified a bird feeder. one of the birdfeeders is a basket for stale bread. the bread got wet and went all icky so herlsef decided to construct a roof for it.

this morning herself and my boy were commenting on how there were very few birds using the new contraption. "i expect they don't like change" said my boy, who knows about this sort of thing. "if we had seagulls in the garden they would be braver." "seagulls are not very attractive birds" said herself, "and one wouldn't fit under the new roof."

this set my boy off on an odd train of thought. "if you dated a seagull i wonder where you could take it" (i assume this was because in his book attractive equals dating) "well you couldn't take it to the pictures," said herself, "it would squawk all the way through the film."

they then talked about how seagulls dance on the ground to fool worms into thinking that it was raining. "i suppose you could take it clubbing" said my boy, finally. "why not date a person" said herself, ever the logical one. "i suppose a person would be nicer to snog" said my boy.


Sandra said...

LOL. I suppose a person would be nicer to snog. Ha ha that made my day.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend at work, her 12 year old is autistic and he is very interested in kissing. He wants to know how to find a girl to kiss, what he has to do to get a girl to kiss him. His mother is really good with him and explains everything very plainly. She's a wonderful mum.
And I would have to agree with the boy, I think people are much nicer to snog.

ECR said...

Thanks for letting us be flies on the wall for that conversation...the seagull v. human snogging debate is not one I get the chance to hear every day :) Hilarious how that conversation evolved.