Monday, February 19, 2007

a request from a reader

hello dear readers! today i present my first post by request. it is indeed an honour for a humble lurcher to have such a loyal readership. this picture is at the request of sgt goose, one of my regular readers and one of herself's mates at work. the picture is of sgt goose's desk. as you will see the desk is not arranged in the traditional manner.

sgt goose is a great believer in being organised. indeed it was him who got herself into the devilish list-making thing. one of sgt goose's earlier innovations was to label his trays. there was one tray which said "urgent", one which said "catastrophically urgent" or something similar and one which said "beyond hope" or "too late" or something equally fatalistic. the trays seem to have vanished. this may well be because all of the contents began to fall into the "too late" category.

sgt goose's new desk arrangement looks as though it might be part of the whole de-cluttering of life project upon which sgt goose has embarked. it is quite clearly impossible for anyone to leave anything on the desk when the good sergeant's attention is elsewhere. but it did occur to me that such an approach was rather extreme. i tentatively raised this with herself when she showed me this picture which she took with her phone.

herself assured me that, far from sgt goose having done this to his own desk, it was the work of the driver orderlies. their main two purposes in life seem to be to drive around and to keep things orderly. they have clearly failed with the latter. it would appear that the driver orderly who dismantled the desk has disappeared off the face of the earth, taking with him all the bolts that would allow the desk to be re-constructed. so poor sgt goose has to sit on the floor and tape his bits of paper to the desk to stop them sliding off. it gives a whole new meaning to "enhancing vertical focus"...

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