Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hang onto your hats

getting things done, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

the task of getting the household organised is catching on. my boy has now started to make lists too. he has decided to set up a business. this morning he said he was going to go into business with his friend round the corner.

his friend, it would appear, might also be a beefburger person. herself has been saying this to his friend's mum for a while. "ah, you say everyone is autistic" his friend's mum replied. now to my wise old lurcher eye it would appear that a fair proportion of the people that come our way are indeed autistic. this may be just the way my peeps select their friends.

and of course all cats are autistic. this has been scientifically proved. anyway, it now appears that both the doctor and his friend's school have said to his mum that he may be a beefburger person. when he told my boy, the reply was typical. "well, obviously!" my boy could not understand why it had taken so long for everyone to work this out.

herself was not thrilled with the business idea. my boy and his friend round the corner argue like a pair of old men. one of the things about beefburger people is they like to be in charge. now this works fine if there is only beefburger person. but if you have two (i think this is called a double whopper) there is a problem. hence the arguments. they cannot even agree on which computer game to play, never mind agreeing on all the fine details that would be needed to run a business.

herself is also a little worried about the first item on my boy's list. it would appear that a title deed is a bit of paper that proves you own your house. the fact that my boy is looking at updating a title deed sounded to herself as though he might have taken a leaf out of her book in the re-mortgage stakes. obviously a business would need finance and as my boy at the moment does not own a house, he seems to have come up with a devilish plan.

this is the same boy who worked out the pin code on the sky zapper for the telly by watching herself key it in. this only became apparent when the sky bill had a load of films you had to pay to watch. luckily they were not the sort of films with bare people in. so herself had to change the pin and for good measure also her pins on her credit cards which were the same number.

these beefburger people are very clever. my boy's friend, another beefburger person, managed to order a real live husky from canada on the internet. luckily the owners got in touch to arrange delivery and her parents found out before they got a call from heathrow saying it had arrived.

as i have said before, that sgt goose has a lot to answer for with this list stuff. while herself and my boy were operating in total chaos it kept them in check a bit. the idea of them being organised opens a whole lot of rather scary possibilities...

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