Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a pear-shaped day

this morning, while my boy was in the shower, herself and i were sitting at the table, laptopping. the clack of the keyboard was interspersed with "have you got your hair wet yet, lovey?" and "have you put the shampoo on your hair yet?" as my boy has the habit of going into a mesmo when in the shower.

"are you writing about your pear-shaped day yesterday?" enquired himself, looking up from sandwich-making.

"no, we're writing our 'fun monday' post," replied herself, skating over the fact that today is tuesday. so i am finally getting around to writing about yesterday. and i still haven't written about the chicken-shed yet...

yesterday started badly. i should have known it would. my boy had new trousers. this is because he has been growing like a weed and the old ones only just qualified as trousers rather than shorts. regular readers will be aware of my boy's dislike for new clothes. he likes his old, soft clothes. i can relate to that, being a chap with delicate skin.

over the course of the weekend herself prepared my boy for the new trousers. they were washed and dried and talked about. but monday morning saw my boy shrieking that he simply was not wearing the trousers and that they were like knives. after negotiations that would have put the united nations in the shade it was agreed that there would be a trouser rehearsal that evening and that my boy could fish the old trousers out from under the recycling to wear just for the day.

then herself popped into himself's school to make a minor change to the website (she designed it for them and therefore tinkers with it now and again). because she is a bit under the weather she managed to screw up the whole thing, resulting in her having to re-do the template and then re-do all of the 76 pages.

later, on the way to fetch himself, she noticed that the car was out of diesel. she pulled in at a garage to get some. just as she got out of the car a man sprang out of nowhere and locked the pumps. he told her there had been an incident and that they had to shut the garage. so after she picked himself up the peeps limped along on the last spoonful of diesel to another garage before going home.

mondays are when herself does her cleaning job. since the financial ruin she has been cleaning and gardening for some friends to pay for our grub. so off she went to clean. she was doing their windows, which involved going into the garden to do the outside. she thoughtfully shut the french windows to keep in the heat and found she was locked out. her phone, bag, keys and everything were on the inside. luckily these friends live within walking distance of our house so she walked home, attracting some odd looks as she was wearing her t-shirt which says "i never finish anyth", even though it was very cold and most people were wearing thick coats.

later we had to go to the wonderful vet (i am no longer allowed to call him the evil vet as it would appear he might now and again read my blog). my lady friend has been jealous of all the fuss i am getting and has developed sore eyes in order to grab some attention. we had to go in the car because i can't walk very far with the gammy shoulder. no sooner had we left the house than we were in almost stationary traffic. it took nearly an hour to get to the vets, a distance that would have been a half hour walk. this was because they were digging up the road. herself could not phone the vet as her phone was locked in the friends' house, along with her bag. so we were very late indeed, but at least this minimised the amount of time there was for me to be poked and prodded.

later still herself went round to fetch her bag. our friend informed her that she needn't worry about cleaning the outside of the windows anyway as some blokes came and did them...


The Anti-Wife said...

The way you talk about peeps, no wonder you think I'm a cannibal. Thanks for visiting my blog - I think!

Patience-please said...

I do so love your writing!

thank you,

deb said...

Pear shaped indeed.