Thursday, January 10, 2008

on the mend

hello dear readers! i am still a little weedy so i will keep this short but i thought it might be wise to let you know that i have not let my blog fall into the hands of maniacs. my lady friend is new to the world of blogging so has a little yet to learn. and as for my boy - he will have to hide when himself finds out that he has been described so accurately!

here is a picture of me in my t-shirt. i asked herself to take it from the non-bloody side in order not to offend those of my readers of delicate sensibilities. i have a long cut in my shoulder with many stitches in. behind this is a pipe about the size of a pencil which sticks out from either end of the stitches. it is to let the nasty stuff drain out of me.

this shoulder thing, as my lady friend has explained, happened as a result of a little misunderstanding which led to me behaving in a less than gentlemanly fashion. finding herself without a hat-pin to stick in me, my lady friend used the next best thing, her teeth.

the only snag was that when she moved in with us she had rather grim teeth. they were inflamed and infected and not like on the toothpaste adverts at all. so whatever ghastliness was on her teeth was injected into my shoulder. over christmas i felt like i would never lift my head off the bed again. herself had to ring the evil vet on christmas morning as she thought i might die. luckily my lady friend had some meds for the teeth so that got us over the christmas hols but i wasn't getting better, hence the op.

i gather i can go onto a different t-shirt soon which will be good - i think maybe red. a man came to the door today. he took one look at my blood soaked clothing and went very pale...


Anonymous said...

Poor bugger. Lovely shot though.

flutter said...

ooooh! Poor thing!

The Muller said...

Oh, go on - show us the gory bits.

As for that T-shirt, I wouldn't stand for it, if I were you. More macho attire is required to get the full effect of your battle wounds. The peeps must have something suitable (e.g. a spare England football shirt) about the place.

Patience-please said...

We've given you an award!
Patience and the Whippets

Anonymous said...

love the dog picture - i also have a lurcher. great blog - will link.

Lesley Rigby said...

That casual, sexy look is going to drive the females crazy with passion! Every cloud has a silver lining.............get better soon.

Meg said...

Poor boy! You do look good in t-shirts, though.

William Gruff said...

I have just discovered (a word that I was taken to task for using by PC Bloggs, even though I use it to describe my own personal voyage through life) your blog, thanks to the admirable Inspector Gadget.

Lurchers are my absolute favourite form of canine and should I ever be fortunate enough to live as I would I will certainly invite two to live with me.

I doubt that any other form of life on the planet can compare with lurchers for intelligence, loyalty, tenacity and stamina.

For what it's worth I will add your blog to the blogroll on my minority taste (18 visits a day, most disappointed regulars) blog.

Happy Days!