Wednesday, January 10, 2007


mornings, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

regular readers will know what mornings are like in our house. herself was reminiscing recently about occasions when my boy had to be carried kicking and screaming out of the house in a horizontal manner, clutching at the doorpost and having to have his fingers peeled off. it is a wonder the neighbours did not call the police.

nowadays things are much better. herself wakes my boy up at 7. he gets up and into the shower and then spends a happy time steaming the house up. he is not know for his ability to focus, especially with hot water drumming on his head which sends him into a trance, so herself periodically comes in and reminds him which bit he is meant to be washing. she knows when he has been in too long as the windows round the house gradually steam up. when the steam has reached the peeps bedroom (which is the other end of the house) my boy will be looking like a prune and will need extracting.

since he has been going to school in the taxi, my boy has been ready on time. he loves his taxi ride. the other passengers are also beefburger people. one has a particular interest in plants and trees. he points out every tree of interest on the route, every single day. my boy does a good impression of the tree fanatic. "look dave, its the wellingtonia, dave, dave, its the wellingtonia!" and so on. they also play the same cd of football songs every day. to be honest dave the taxi driver must be a saint. we have the same cd at home and if i have to listen to "football's coming home" ever again i will howl.

this morning, my boy announced at 7.45 "dave said he will be here at 5 to 8 today". this threw them into a bit of a spin as my boy was part of the way through his toast and hadn't had his meds, or done his teeth or anything. "why didn't you mention it earlier?" asked herself, through gritted teeth. "well, it only reminded me when i was eating my breakfast."

there followed a flurry of activity on the part of the peeps, while my boy slowly munched his toast in a contemplative way. "there's something i don't get" he said, "just what is the point of bio-terrorism?"

beefburger people have no sense of urgency...


Anonymous said...

He looks like a lovely boy Joker, interesting as well.

Tabba said...

that picture is worth every word in every language.
God love 'em.

Lawyer Mama said...

LOVE the photo!

Lou McGill said...

the only blog that makes me laugh out loud at every post.

so recognise that leaving the house horizontal and clinging to the door frame - luckily don't have that at the moment: )

Navi said...

hmm.. my kids tend to steam the windows with their showers, too.
My daughter also has focus issues. I generally have to remind her what she is supposed to be doing every morning. When we are running late (which is the norm) it is very hectic. I gave up trying to put my son on the bus since he now goes on it after she goes to school, instead of beforehand, so I'm driving both of them.