Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fun monday

well dear readers, it seems herself has been persuaded to enter into another daft blog thing. there are a number of daft blog things around in cyberspace; usually they involve answering daft questions about yourself. but this one involved taking pictures of herself's bedside table. as though we didn't have enough on our plates at the moment, what with practically living at the vets and trying to move house!

anyway, i think i have the rules right. you have to take pictures of all your clutter and then tell the world about it. then you have to fiddle around putting in links to all the other people who were daft enough to do the same. so here goes. this first picture is what is known as an overview:

from the left you have the peeps' dressing gowns, a pile of books, herself's phone, which doubles up as an alarm clock, a bottle of olbas oil (herself is malingering with woman flu), a box of tissues, a basket full of stuff which i will show you later, herself's laptop, the corner of the red quilty laptop bag that the wussy laptop needs to keep warm, and herself's bag, which is really a fishing bag and even has a waterproof pocket in the middle in case you need to keep a dead trout away from your laptop.

now for the close-ups:

this is the back row of books.

and this is the front row of books. i think i am going to have to have a word with her about the health and safety implications of what clearly constitutes a fire risk.

and this final picture is the contents of the little basket. clockwise from the top: herself's splints, which she has to sleep in because of her car-pull tunnel wrists, some vitamin b pills, some pills to stop herself crying all the time, some pills to stop her heart beating too fast, some earplugs to drown out the rumbles of the snoremonster, a monocular for watching the birds that come to bathe in the pond just outside the peeps bedroom and a bookmark which probably should be in one of the vast pile of books.

so there you are, the secrets of the bedside table. now i have to do a link to aoj at the lurchers, who is hosting fun monday. and i think i have to put all the other people somewhere too so you can all go and nose around their bedside tables...


Patience-please said...

You had so much fun with Fun Monday! Your dead trout with your laptop had me laughing hard into my morning coffee... not an easy job.

all the best-

ChrisB said...

I'm confused because I'm sure I tried to leave a comment yesterday!
Herself has some books that look very interesting!

flutter said...

herself is quite organized!

Fiona said...

I could probably do with a "dead trout bag"...and some of the pills within :o)
Flat bear? SUPERB name, i like it. He could swap stories with mine - mangle and oven ???
Bandy was called Bandy cos I couldn't pronounce Panda.

Molly said...

Well, you have done a wonderful job of describing herself's bedside things. I am sorry that she suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe she is doing too much blogging. Since she has a mushroom identification book, she must be a fine person. All people who like mushrooms are good people unless they plan to do evil with the mushrooms.