Sunday, November 18, 2007

without a paddle

hello dear readers! i hope you have all had a lovely weekend. myself and the peeps have been lolling around all day building up our strength for the week ahead. this evening we had visitors. our neighbours came round. they are lovely people and it seems at least one of them is a reader of my musings. so:

hello dom!

now back to the main subject of the evening. as regular readers may know, the peeps bake their own bread in a funny little machine. it mangles up the ingredients and bakes them in a little bucket. this is always assuming someone remembered to put the bucket in
of course. anyway, this evening my boy was again delegated to make the bread. he dutifully followed the recipe and set the timer and kicked off the bread. a few hours later the beeping noise told them it was ready. but the bread machine lied! what awaited the peeps was not bread. nor was it cake. it was a pile of dust! my boy had spent the whole evening trying to demonstrate to the neighbours that the peeps did not feed him and he had to eat dust so this was quite fitting.

my boy rushed in. himself asked him which ingredient he had forgotten, but all were accounted for. then all became clear. it was a mechanical problem. herself had put the bucket into the dishwasher. while it was there it had disgorged its paddle. the paddle is an essential part of the kit. it is what stirs the dough. so without the paddle there was no stirring. as himself so eloquently put it, the bread was "bollocks". to make matters worse my boy stuck his finger into the middle to feel the non-bread and, of course, burnt his finger. this meant he could spin out bedtime for some time, while he held it under the cold tap.

all is now calm. now all we have to get our heads round is tomorrow, and being rokited...

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