Friday, November 16, 2007

well hench

here you can see me and young rokit on our way to the beach. the puppy-sitting is going well. herself is rather firm with the little chap and has taken to squirting him with a plant sprayer when he chews my ears, which seems to do the trick. now she just has to say 'leave' and he runs in the other direction before she has to reach for it. i would not put it past her to try it on my boy when be is being recalcitrant.

yesterday i had the honour of meeting rokit's boy. he came out to give my old ears a stroke when we picked up the young fella. he is a bit older than my boy and is something of a skate-boarding wizard. a skateboard is a piece of wood with wheels on which enables you to whizz along. its not quite a hostess trolley - a little bit nearer the ground and decidedly more useful.

herself has some skateboarding shoes. when she bought them she did not know they were skateboarding shoes. she bought them because they are wide and she has wide feet. when she wore them to work, one of her youth worker colleagues told her they were 'hard-core skater's shoes'. herself had a brief moment of feeling a bit cool and hip. when she got home she showed my boy the shoes.

"they look like santa's-little-helper shoes!" he said. it has to be said this is not a bad description of them. they are rather cute. herself's cool-and-hip-o-meter plummeted.

rokit's boy seems to have a cool turn of phrase, no doubt helped by the skateboarding. it seems that he told mrs rokit about meeting me. he described me as "well hench." i think this is probably a compliment. i do hope so...

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flutter said...

Well hench indeed, chap and handsome. You look so happy in that back seat :)