Saturday, November 17, 2007

changing spots

well readers, herself has manufactured a new bag for her laptop. it came with a rather pristine white girly bag. herself could not be described as girly in any shape or form. her grandmother always referred to her as a tomboy. that is until herself was proudly showing her grandmother her new 350cc motorbike some years ago. grandmother, somewhat predictably, said, "you always were a tomboy!"

"ah no," herself retorted swiftly, "its called being a feminist now!"

so the girly bag was a bit of a puzzle. when she posted a picture of it on the net several people admired it. so herself decided to make a more suitable bag and give the girly bag away. last night she got out her sewing machine. (a quick aside, dear readers. my boy saw a sewing shop the other day and asked if it was where lawyers worked. you have to say it how it looks to see why this is funny...)

in no time this new bag was produced. i have to say i breathed a sigh of relief. it meant the end of being dresssed up as a leopard...


flutter said...

Herself is so talented!

Aliki2006 said...

You ARE talented! Maybe that's the only leopard-skin laptop bag ever!