Friday, April 10, 2009


here is a strange blue drink. herself took this photo last saturday at mr and mrs kinky's house. it was mr kinky's birthday and they had a cocktail party to celebrate. himself was poorly with his throat so herself and my boy went along for a little while. herself tried one cocktail but decided to play safe and swapped to fizzy wine afterwards. by all accounts it was a posh event; there were things called canapes which are little nibbles and then there were oysters! of course young dave and i were not invited so the nearest we got to the oysters was sniffing the shells that herself brought home to make a dingly thing for the garden.

my boy has been making progress in conquering his fear. on monday we are going to claudia's house again and he is coming with us. hopefully himself will be well enough to come along too. he has been poorly all last week with the throat thing. yesterday, he developed a roaring fever. my boy had to phone herself to come home from work and after taking one look at himself she was on the phone to the hospital. it seems that the symptoms of superkidny being rejected are very similar to those of flu so the hospital told herself to bring himself in to be checked over. mrs next door very kindly gave them a lift which avoids the whole car-getting-wheelclamped scenario.

himself was given a proper once-over by the doctors. photos were taken of the inside of his lungs (my readers will be pleased to know they are still there) and blood tests were taken. his amble belly was prodded and poked and he had to do a weird test which involved walking up and down a corridor and blowing into a machine.

the peeps were relieved to find that superkidny is fine and pumping away as good as ever and that the high fever and elevated white cell count are to do with fighting the infection. himself is feeling much better today and is a lot less hot-headed, which can only be a good thing.

i am hopeful that we can now have a trouble-free easter. i need my beauty sleep at my age...


Rikkij said...

get herself some rest. ~Rick

Anonymous me said...

Very good advice there from Rick. I am glad that it turns out himselfs superkidney is doing the biz. Loved the picture of the rather alarming looking cocktail ... kinda lethal looking too! Hope you have a lovely Easter xx

deb said...

Glad to hear that superkidny is fine. It's herself I worry about, even knowing that herself likes to stay busy. Take care of yourself sweetie.

Cheryl said...

So glad it was the flu, thou that sounds odd to say. What a relief!

Glad you had a nice time at the party. The blue drink did look a bit suspect. Wise choice to switch. Can't wait to see the shell thingy in the garden.

So happy to hear that the anxiety is getting better, baby steps. That's how it goes with anxiety, as we both know. He'll keep at it.

Take care of yourself, my friend.

Penny said...

I know it was a panic when himself became ill again but on the whole, it looks like things are slowly taking a turn for the better.....superkidney working perfectly, your boy overcoming his fears and herself, out and about, going to cocktail parties, no less. I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday.

Woman in a Window said...

Pretty drink. I'd like to take a swim in it, I think.

Glad himself is well. Had me worried for a minute. None of that, k? Take care and happy Easter!

Auntie Jane said...

So glad superkidney is OK. It must be such a worry for you.
Have a happy Easter.

uphilldowndale said...

Have a happy and healthy Easter.
That blue fluid looks as if it were to be flushed down our loo, it would zap the septic tank of all those handy little bugs that eat poo and stuff.
Did herself really eat an oyster? sorry, I couldn't eat anything that was slimy and lived in a shell: not even with the aid of CBT

Singfield said...

I turn my back for five minutes and it seems like it's all going on - glad the SK is now all happening and life continues in the normal exciting way!

Dominic -

PS - selfishly I have another reason for writing, could you possibly email with your email address purleaaaaaaase!

Halo said...

Glad to hear Superkidney (in the super boy) is fine, i bet it was a worry.

Hope you have a lovely easter xx

Vetnurse said...

Crazy day when you say l am glad that it was just a bad cold/flu, but am glad it was a just!!