Tuesday, September 30, 2008

plumbing - an update

dear readers, 4am finds me unable to sleep, having been woken up by a cafuffle.

my boy's bedroom is flooded. he had the sense to wake herself rather than himself (who is snoring on the sofa) and she has stemmed the flow and put a baking tray under the leak in an optimistic gesture that brings to mind horses and stable doors. (that is an oblique reference to a saying, for those readers of a literal leaning). my boy put the kettle on and made tea while herself twiddled with pliers behind his radiator, making things considerably worse for a while by removing the drain plug altogether, thus creating a rather pleasing fountain. young dave decided to sample the water pouring out and had to be forcibly removed due to the likelihood of it being contaminated with chemicals.

but all is now calm and tranquility. i have to say the existance of my blog makes such moments in life much less stressful than they might be. even my boy now says, in the middle of it all, "this will be good blog-fodder"...


flutter said...

oh that is SO not what you want to wake up to!

womaninawindow said...

And I was wondering why suddenly there was a four beside your name in my reader. What the hell is up? I thought, anxiously clicking over here. And all has been revealed.

Cub Scout Pack #177, Patchogue, N.Y. said...

Oh. Golly. That is unfortunate.

Though I can picture the fountain-effect...




Blog-fodder should come a bit easier than THIS!