Tuesday, September 30, 2008

plumbing - a postscript

dear readers, in the middle of all the excitement i forgot to tell you about another classic blogworthy incident from yesterday. himself is the clerk to the school governors where he works and now and again this involves him attending meetings in the evening. yesterday was such an evening.

herself bundled me and dave into the car (for the pedantic among my readers - mrs captain, you know i am talking to you - i think you will find that, whilst this looks to be rather shoddy grammar it is in fact correct. although my explanation of that has to be one of the most clumsily constructed sentences i have seen in a long while). after dropping himself off at his meeting we went for a walk on the beach, then off to lidl.

we returned home to the house in darkness, giving the game away as far as my boy is concerned that he had spent the evening on the computer and not hoovering the house. having located my boy in front of his computer herself was just pulling the bedroom door closed to prevent young dave from eating the large pile of shoes that have been displaced from the bottom of the airing cupboard, when the door appeared to faint. in fact what had happened was that it had fallen off its hinges in a classic piece of attention-seeking behaviour. when they had stopped laughing herself and my boy propped the door up against the wall behind the pile of shoes and went down to unpack the shopping.

when himself came home from his meeting herself was halfway up the stairs on the way to remove the contents of the airing cupboard from the bed so the peeps stood some chance of having a good nights kip. ( the end himself did not avail himself of the newly emptied bed as he was itching from head to foot from his kidneys, so he slept on the sofa.)

"hello lovey!" she said. "nothing!" this latter is a fairly normal utterance around here. 'what question is she answering?' i hear you ask. both herself and my boy have perfected the art of looking innocent in the face of damning evidence to the contrary. himself followed her up the stairs and looked at the door in disbelief.

"i can't leave you alone for 5 minutes!" he exclaimed, somewhat unfairly. herself had to rope in my boy to corroborate her account of the collapsing door and it was only after extensive cross-examination that himself appeared to believe them.

so this morning dawned with the prospect of herself getting hold of de-humidifiers, fixing the door and trying to keep out of the way of errant jets of water. i just hope she finds time to take us for a walk...


DJ Kirkby said...

Hi! Lol about the door. I am about confused about himself and herself, who are they? Maybe I will find out when I read more...thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! I have added you to my following list.

womaninawindow said...

So going to use that preemptive "Nothing." Seems to atleast throw them off guard and look about at their feet.

Cheryl said...

You are certainly a master of many trades. Never a dull moment around your house. Thank goodness you are so good at getting things done. I can relate with the shoes, thanks to Miss. Daisy!

flutter said...

LOL well your life is never dull

Lynanne said...

OH MY GOLLY! I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe (and probably ended up doing quite a bit of both!)