Tuesday, May 22, 2007


hello, dear readers! it seems i am about to go and spend a little while with the lovely ladies at the kennels. i am one of their rescue dogs so i get a discount on my hotel bill for the rest of my life. the peeps are off to portugal with the prof and mrs prof. they are going to stay in a villa.

herself has decided she will write a book while she is away. mrs prof thinks this is mad and wasted no time in telling herself. the original plan was that all the peeps would write bits of it and then put it together but, as no-one else thought this was remotely sensible, herself is on her own in this venture. she is going to make the project easier by basing the characters on people she knows. this seems a bit like cheating to me. i hope there is a small part for a venerable lurcher...

this morning, as my boy and herself were waiting for the taxi that takes him to school, herself decided to try to untangle the universe. regular readers will know that the universe has not been the same since it received the attentions of the software engineer. my boy was persuaded to hold up the universe while herself fiddled with the little bits of see-through twine that hold it up.

as is his way, my boy's thoughts turned to weighty matters. or in fact matter. "what is dark matter, mummy?" he enquired. "i don't know sweetie, you will need to ask uncle pete." uncle pete, the beefburger uncle, is an astrophysicist and knows a lot about the universe. "i suppose we are all aliens really," said my boy, thoughtfully. "i mean, there were two bits of dust and then the big bang, then there were microbes, then amoebas, then little fish, then amphibians, then monkeys, then sort of monkey humans and then humans..." at this point the taxi arrived.

so herself is going to have to spend the whole day wondering why she is an alien...

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jen said...

a villa?
in portugal?

and they left you? the shame.

call me, and i'll come take you over to them. at the Villa. in Portugal.

wow. enjoy.