Wednesday, May 02, 2007


my boy is off school this friday. he has what is known as an insect day. this is where the teachers have to learn all about insects so the children stay at home and wreck the house. usually when he has an insect day one of the peeps stays off work. this week herself has too much going on so she has to work at home. working at home is good as i get some company and also she gets to catch up on the huge amount of washing that builds up.

this week it may be a problem. herself gets things called junctions which stop the naughty people from being naughty. this week one of the naughty people did not believe that the junction meant anything. he carried on being naughty. one of the police people said they would just have to get herself to "kick his sorry arse" which i think is police-speak for taking him to court. at least i hope so. since she snapped her achilles tendon it is not a good idea for her to be kicking anything, least of all something unhygenic. the taking to court thing may have to happen on friday.

anyway, if my boy is at home there may be difficulties in the sorry-arse-kicking. my boy is not the sort of character that can be left quietly outside the court with a colouring book. if my boy is left for even a few minutes he will have moved the court from yellow alert to red alert in the time it takes to dismantle a water-cooler. however, as always, sgt goose had the answer. "we can always take him down the pier!" he said. the idea of my boy playing on the slot machines with a police escort is truly wonderful....

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