Saturday, December 02, 2006

the life of the modern woman...

herself has had a bit of a week. "nothing new there!" i hear you cry. indeed not. but somehow this week has got on top of her more than usual.

it seems work has been busy. the naughty people seem to be extra naughty at the moment. so herself has a huge bunch of injunctions and other proceedings to get rolling. this would not normally be a big deal but her assistant is out of action as a result of a freak accident so herself is doing two jobs.

as regular readers will know, herself works in an office with a bunch of police folks. herself and her assistant are sort of lodgers there from what i can gather. the office is horribly hot and stuffy all year round. this is particularly bad for the police folks as they have to wear stab vests and bright yellow coats. i gather they tend to remove these in the office which must be easier on the eye.

anyway, as usual, even though it is quite late autumn, the windows were open. this was on wednesday when herself had taken a day off to go to ikea to buy sofas (about which i will no doubt report more in the future). so once the police folks had gone off to catch criminals herself's assistant was alone in the office.

[there was a pause in the flow there for a brief interlude of chaos while herself went running into the kitchen having heard a horrific noise which it turns out was caused by a camping stove getting tangled in the fan - don't even ask]

back to the office... herself's assistant had to move a printer and climb on the desk to reach the window to pull it closed. herself has had a couple of near misses in terms of falling out of the window doing this so would have stopped such tomfoolery had she been in the room but she was of course off buying sofas.

anyway, her assistant did some serious damage to her back to the point where she could not walk or bend down to get her bag or anything. luckily she had the presence of mind to phone herself who as luck would have it was on the way back from ikea. herself is nothing if not good in a crisis. she phoned the police. not just any old police but sgt goose who dispatched a policeman to rescue the poor assistant and take her to hospital (there is a security keypad on the door so no-one else could have got in).

must have cut a fine sight, the lawyer's assistant being rushed through town in the back of a police car, sitting on her hands, then heaved out of the police car and into a&e with a policeman holding her arm. probably made the front page of the local paper.

anyway, after a couple of days of agony and some pulling around by a kindly osteopath, herself's assistant is on the mend.

but i don't think this is altogether the cause of herself's autumnal gloom. work is only work after all. i think the gloom has more to do with other stuff. herself is not so great with goodbyes and one of her friends is likely to be moving away to warmer climes. can't blame her given the damp and gloom here but it has caused a certain amount of the old trembling lower lip and wet eyes stuff.

herself will just have to make do with chatting to her trusty old hound. ho hum....

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jen said...

goodbyes are hard. luckily they've got you around, the constant companion.

it helps.