Sunday, December 10, 2006

get a grip

herself has tidied her desk. "so?" i hear my readers ask. "what is so special about that? people tidy their desks all the time." herself's desk is something else. it is a small writing bureau which she bought when she was at college. it is made of oak and has a green leather bit where you are supposed to write. i suppose this is why it is called a writing bureau.

herself doesn't do all that much writing at her desk. she isn't really a writing sort of person. she does a fair bit of typing with a magic keyboard that is not connected to mac the computer by any visible means. next to the keyboard is a thing that looks like a bar of soap which seems to beam messages to mac through the ether.

the desk is the centre of operations for quite a few things. it is herself's dressing table. i don't have a dressing table but then i don't have any dresses. herself doesn't actually stand on the desk to get dressed but she has a little mirror which she looks into every morning while painting stuff on her face. this is apparently to make her look less of a wreck.

(herself came home from work the other day rather miffed. she had been showing one of her work colleagues her flickr pictures and one came past of a younger version of herself. the colleague was apparently shocked that this was one and the same person. it has to be said that a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since this photo was taken. life has not been entirely restful and easy. but you would think the colleague would have been chivalrous enough to pretend she hadn't changed a bit. the trouble with people nowadays is they have no manners.)

as well as the painting face thing, herself also drys her hair with a beastly contraption that has my boy and himself running out of the room with their hands over their ears. i would put my paws over my ears too but it makes running out of the room impossible.

she also burns cds, makes films, plays music on a sort of plug in piano, edits photos, plays her yoga dvd (so we can do yoga without getting in a knot), designs newsletters and leaflets for the autistic people, designs websites for various folks, makes birthday cards, shops (and boy can she shop) on the internet, researches a million and one things and drafts papers for injunctions, asbos and other legal things (which seem to be to stop bad people behaving badly).

on top of this she makes jewellry, tries to keep on top of the family finances (a hopeless task if you ask me), reads blogs and wastes hours looking at photos. so you can see that the desk can get in a bit of a mess. lately the mess has been increasing at a rate faster than herself can keep up. it took her about half an hour to bring some order about. this was spread over a longer period as in her inimitable way she was distracted by the need to order printable cds and dvds, order printer cartridges to print them with, have a bath and discuss with my boy what her favourite sort of dalek was.

but at last it is done. peace rains. or maybe reins. or perhaps reigns? herself is off to meet her work colleagues for their christmas outing. i gather it is bingo. herself used to work in a bingo hall so has given them a wide berth since. maybe she will come back shouting "legs eleven" or something equally opaque. i will take the boys for a walk and then sit by the fire...

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