Monday, December 11, 2006


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my boy has had a brush with religion. this is not, you understand, his first brush. but it was a formative experience.

the peeps are atheists. herself was brought up an atheist and was never baptised. himself on the other hand was brought up the son of the church organist and made to sing in the church choir which seems to have made him rather more atheist than herself.

herself is of the opinion that people should make up their own minds about religion. she is cool with people believing in any shape or form of god or goddess so long as they don't shove it down her throat. so my boy has had an entirely free reign as to what to believe in.

he started off being rampantly atheist. after quite a few long conversations where herself pointed out that quite a few of the peeps friends were of various religions and of none and that my boy at the very least had to learn a bit of tact about it all, he decided to be an agnostic. i think the logic behind this was that if he was wrong about there being no god at least he had some sort of insurance policy to fall back on. at his old school (where quite a lot of things were not all that brilliant) his school report said "it is a shame that he cannot see the value of the teachings of jesus christ". herself was pretty annoyed about this and pointed out that he as a 7 year old had probably given quite a lot more consideration to religion and god than most of the teachers. he had just approached it with a more questioning mind.

anyway, my boy came home a couple of days ago saying the giddy ones had been to school. i took this to mean that these people spent too much time on roundabouts. but no. it appears that they are a type of religious people. they had come to school to talk to my boy and his mates about god. this they did at some length. then they pulled out some presents for the youngsters. my boy and his mates were thrilled. "its grand theft auto!" shrieked my boy, who has been trying to persuade the peeps that this game, where people hack each other to pieces with chain saws, is educational and would be good for his development.

"lets hope its san andreas!" said his mate. this is a particularly gory version. one of its main features is the new airborne mode which presumably means you can cut people up from above as well as the side.

but when they opened the parcels they discovered that they were not grand theft auto. they were not even the sims. they were bibles.


Navi said...

private school? or public? are they allowed to do that at public school there? they'd be up in arms here.

but that is quite the way to present a bible...

Joker the Lurcher said...

he's at a state special school - for special kids - but in the uk private and public schools are both private, if you get my drift! state schools are the ones that would be called public in the states. its a great school but i have to say i was quite surprised about the bible thing. not that my boy could be brainwashed by anyone - he is quite an independent thinker!

Aoj said...

Love the idea of being agnostic for the insurance - just in case!! Very much an agnostic here too....I simply can't get my head round a one supreme being. I like Pratchett's idea of lots of gods much more!

jen said...

wow. i am surprised too...

and i really admire herself for her views on religion, and her allowance for others to make up their own minds..