Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the sofas have landed

the new sofas, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

today looked like it might be a more relaxing day when we got up. my boy was ready for school early. there were enough clean socks to go round. the peeps even managed to buy a present for my boy's taxi driver and his teacher. but then the phone went. it was the ikea delivery man. he was up the road with the new sofas and would be with us in 10 minutes.

himself went pale. he hates deliveries. as herself is very keen on internet shopping and not very keen on going to the shops, we regularly have lorries turning up with things. there is usually a lot of packaging and chaos afterwards. there is also the matter of strange men at the door wanting the peeps to sign for the packages.

shortly afterwards a very large lorry arrived. two men got out and spent the next half an hour struggling across the icy paths and up the icy steps into the house. three times. "you didn't tell me you had bought 3 sofas!" himself said. "i'm sure i did" said herself, nonchalantly. the room was full of sofas. "did you measure the room first?" he asked. that was a very silly question. he has known her a long time. even if she had measured the room she would have added it up wrong.

then the captain and mrs captain turned up. they were having the old sofa. so that made a bit of room to move round. herself started tearing off the packaging and getting out her electric screwdriver. at this point himself had to leave for work while he could still stand up.

there did not appear to be any instructions for the sofas. i retired to my bed, which had been unceremoniously dumped in my boy's bedroom for the duration. when i finally emerged there were 3 very nice sofas. i was looking forward to trying them out but when herself went out she cunningly placed clothes airers and a cricket bat in the way.

my boy was mightily impressed, in spite of having been very anti the whole idea. beefburger people don't much like change. "why can't you just leave the house alone for a couple of days?" he wailed. but he was soon snuggled down with the burping pineapple on the new sofa as though it had always been there.

after a little while he said "how much did these sofas cost?" herself told him. "so if we had that much money, why didn't you pay the leccy bill?" (the peeps have run up a big bill due to the direct debit not being enough to cover it). herself explained that the sofas were bought with plastic money rather than real money. she's a clever woman.

its no wonder my boy has a firm grasp of economics with a mother like herself. when he was a mere whippersnapper of 3 he apparently made a very perceptive comment when herself was telling some friends that the peeps were re-mortgaging the house to pay off the debts. my boy piped up "if we pay off the debts we'd better get some new ones". herself took this advice to heart and has been doing so ever since...


dogfaceboy said...

Your blog cracks me up every time. That voice. I keep thinking of Dobby.

Enjoy those sofas, but don't let them become couches. Or herself and I will have to spank you with a newspaper.

Joker The Lurcher said...

funny you should say that - joker bears a startling resemblance to dobby. "joker has been a bad dog, he will have to iron his paws..."

jen said...

those look lovely. the kind where you want to drag your dogbowl, whoops, i mean wine glass and a good book and read forever.

Aoj said...

Whooo! We have new sofas too! Although mine are staying tightly wrapped in their polythene until the cottage gets finished