Sunday, November 26, 2006

my new ball

here is a picture of me with my new ball. i haven't had any toys for a long time. i have to say this is something to do with the fact that i get a bit excited when i have toys. the peeps take exception to me doing the loopy lurcher thing round the house. admittedly it does cause a bit of carnage but no more than they do. so i am being really restrained with my ball and only playing with it in my bed.

the ball came about as a result of friday night. the peeps went round to see mrs captain. the captain was off flying planes which was probably a good thing given how strong he makes the gin and tonics. herself had decided to give gin and tonic a miss so stuck to wine, although this had no appreciable effect on her coherence.

it seems a great time was again had by all. mrs captain got out her accordian which sounds a rather good bit of kit and there was also a certain amount of hilarity trying to record the helium laugh. unfortunately the helium laugh was recorded over by mrs captain doing a captain impression which herself is going to try to post on my blog if she can. so my readers will have to wait with bated breath for the helium laugh.

the wild girl loves my boy's burping pineapple so he takes it round there when the peeps visit. in the midst of all the fun the wild girl sat a bit too hard on the burping pineapple. his burp went a little sotte voce. this means quiet, for those who don't follow opera. my boy was a bit down about this. so the following day herself went off in search of another pineapple. not to replace the pineapple but so a voice transplant could be carried out. the plan was to sedate the pineapple and then cut him down one of his seams and swop his voice squeaker with the new one.

however there were no pineapples in the shop. herself found a bouncing ball which also burped. she apparently considered ringing my boy up to play the burp down the phone to him to see if it was the right pitch but the whole shop was full of people buying singing santas and anyway she wasn't sure of the phone would convey the full vocal qualities of the ball so she took a chance and bought it anyway.

my boy played a few burps on the ball but pronounced it a little too treble to sound like the pineapple. it was agreed that they would search for a burping pineapple to be the voice donor on the internet.

but lo! the pineapple found his voice. so no surgery needed. and i got a ball! how cool is that?

ps i think mrs captain had been on the helium...

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jen said...

the ball is cool.

but answer me this:
do you crack open the sherry when the peeps are away?

Joker The Lurcher said...

dear reader, what a good idea! i may just do that...