Wednesday, November 15, 2006

talking italian

well readers, you may wonder why the long silence. had i been chastised for complaining about my peeps? had metal dog got his own back by wrapping me in his springs? no. it is all to do with a request from one of my fans, the well know dogfacedboy. this person is something of a fraudster. she is neither a dog nor a boy but instead is a very nice and very helpful lady who lives somewhere in america.

anyway, dogfacedboy was interested in my last missive. she wanted to know more about himself's "speaking italian into a glass" trick. more than that, she suggested how himself's vocal talents might be made available to a wider public. it would appear that you can sign up for a website called odeo which is a bit like flickr only for noises.

so herself has been trying to sort this out. first she had to get himself to record one of his phrases. himself is rather shy about this sort of thing and had to be subjected to serious persuasion before he would agree. what herself does is to tickle his neck. himself has quite a short neck, the front of which is covered in beard, but it is very ticklish. when he is tickled he makes a funny noise.

in the end himself saw that resistance was useless and obliged with a short burst about venetian liver. not sure if this is like a venetian blind in terms of little strips but anyway.

then she had the interminable job of getting the little recording to fly off into hyperspace. this should have been simple but herself is a great one for complicating things. it took her 3 days of messing about and e-mailing the dogfaced one before she managed it.

so dear readers, without further ado, i give you - prego:

powered by ODEO


dogfaceboy said...

Oh, so funny! It really does sound like talking into a glass! I'm going to have to copy the talking in the refrigerator thing.

Joker The Lurcher said...

you must!