Thursday, November 23, 2006

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my boy has been persuaded to have a go at blogging. this is his first attempt so he hasn't quite got my flair yet but it will come - he's a clever little pup!

for those who can't quite follow his drift, which i must admit is quite drifting, as is his way, he is telling the story of when a friend of the peeps rang in the middle of the night on new year's eve to tell them that her son ben had been offered a kidney. i should explain that ben was waiting for a kidney - this wasn't a late christmas present.

herself and her friend john were the only people still awake. a certain amount of wine had been taken. neither of them is religious so they decided to burn some herbs and make a humanist wish. i suppose if i were to do this it would be a doggist wish. the kidney is still working several years later so it must have worked.

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