Thursday, November 23, 2006

building bridges

the bridge, originally uploaded by Joker the Lurcher.

this week has been more crazy than most in our household. herself has been a bit frantic with stuff going on at work and can't sleep. himself is worrying about a fancy dress day at the school where he works and my boy has been obsessed with a weather station.

the weather station was given to my boy by uncle pete. uncle pete is the mad boffin in the family. the peeps are convinced that he has beefburger syndrome but as no-one seems to have known much about it when uncle pete was a pup he was just thought of as a bit eccentric. he is an astrophysicist and works as a computer programmer. another beefburger success!

anyway, there i go wandering off the point again. uncle pete had bought himself the weather station. it is a proper grown up one with loads of wires and bleeping things. uncle pete had decided to mess about with some wires and had mucked them up. rather than get it fixed he had bought himself another one. this is how my boy ended up with the one with messed up wires.

a tiny problem like messed up wires will not defeat my peeps. oh no. herself and my boy have experience of this sort of thing. they built a rather cute little robot from a kit which involved soldering tiny wires onto a circuit board. so the plan is to solder up the wires that have come off and the weather station will be good as new.

as regular readers will know, my boy does not do waiting. he gets this from herself who has to do everything yesterday. so in spite of the fact that the weather is not conducive to putting up the various sensors round the garden on account of high winds and driving rain and that it is dark when he gets home he wants the weather station put up. herself has promised to do it this afternoon as she is working at home so will be here when my boy gets in. i think this could be one of those interesting afternoons...

but i expect my readers are wondering what this picture is. it clearly is not a weather station (although i would not put it past my peeps to make a papier mache weather station). this is a bridge. some of my more perceptive readers will have deducted this from the title of the photograph. the bridge is part of himself's costume for the fancy dress at his school. he is going as a troll. this was herself's idea. i think it arose from himself's habit of being rather taciturn in the mornings. hereslf regularly tells him he is like a grumpy old troll.

the plan is to attach the bridge to a small hat which himself will wear. in case some of my readers are not aware of the story of the 3 billy goats, the troll lives under a bridge. so now all herself has to do is find 3 plastic goats to hang from the bridge.

i have to say, they don't make things easy for themselves...

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