Friday, July 04, 2008

top of the morning to you

well readers, no picture today. plugging the usb thingy into the camera is too much for the one-handed old gal. and indeed thursday's fun and games would not be all that pretty.

the old routine has been thrown a bit as herself has been off work, having tried but failed to spend the day at her desk on wednesday. so on thursday morning himself was late feeding me and my lady friend. which meant we had to gobble down our breakfast so we would be ready in time to head off with him and my boy. my lady friend has not got the hang of this yet. so no sooner had her breakfast gone down (look away now squeamish peeps!) than it made a re-appearance on the carpet. well, the whole squeezing toothpaste with one hand thing pales into insignificance when compared to cleaning up a dogs breakfast with one hand. it simply cannot be done.

because of himself's dodgy kidneys he is prone to queasyness. therefore herself is in sole charge of those lovely little tasks to do with both ends of myself and my lady friend. i thought i would help out as i could see that this was a job too far but my offers of assistance were spurned most swiftly. himself did the honours but almost immediately felts the effects and spent some time leaning over the sink, saying cheerio to his own breakfast.

to add to the noise levels my boy appeared and started shrieking about germs and anti-bacterial spray. herself could see that there was no option but to deal with this side of things herself so she set to spraying the carpet. my boy meanwhile, sat down on the sofa and refused to budge.

"there is no way he is going to be fit to drive!" he squealed. "i cannot go to school. he will be sick in the car! all over the steering wheel! there will be germs!"

herself assured my boy that himself would be right as rain in a minute and that as soon as he got his head out of the sink he would be shouting at my boy for not being ready. as was indeed the case. and funnily enough my lady friend and i did not get our walk...


womaninawindow said...

I'm sorry lurcher, but sometimes dogs are simply the embodiment of disgusting. Slow down and enjoy those kibbles!

I'm at I have to rectify the e-mail situation in the coming days as I'm told I need a g-mail. I do hope this has nothing to do with a new g-spot as my vaccum does tend to be of the jealous sort!

I'm curious...e-mail away!

Maddy said...

Oh dearie me. I hate to say it but that is of course one of the few advantages of a cat - they eat it right back up again off the carpet!

Aliki2006 said...

See, my cat *never* ate what she threw up, I'm sad to say, but my dog not only would eat the cat's throw-up, but her own as well.

I hope that hand is on the mend!