Monday, July 21, 2008

normal service is resumed

well readers, i have had to be firm with the peeps. it is no good sitting around moping. in fact i am adjusting very well to the single life. no nagging, no lady stuff going on. it suits me just fine.

but the peeps are a little glum. herself's glumness is not helped by her only having the one functional limb. normally when she is down she persecutes the plants in the garden, or takes it out on the walls, but she is limited to gentle pursuits until the wounds heal.

so when my boy's sitter came i took the peeps to the beach. i did a few rounds of silly running to make them laugh but herself just stood looking at the sea and weeping. so i did a bit of bouncing around and playing the clown. i am the merry widower after all. but they were not be be deterred. they sat on a bench looking at the sea and not speaking very much. herself refraining from speaking is particularly alarming. it means she is thinking. while multitasking comes as second nature in terms of most of her activities, thinking before or while speaking does not seem to be one of them.

i sat down and fixed her with my blue eye. this is my magic eye. sometimes when people stop herself and ask her "can he see out of that eye?" she will reply in a portentious voice, "he can see into your soul!" i use my blue eye for matters that require someone's full attention. when i had herself's attention i put my paw on her knee and my chin in her lap. this seemed to comfort her. she took hold of himself's hand and they went back to the car and drove home.

yesterday my boy was getting ready for school and herself was sitting laptopping. my boy gave me a cuddle and chatted away in my ear. to tell the truth i wasn't really listening. suddenly my boy said,

"why do dogs like rhetorical questions so much?"

this made me sit up and listen. here was a philosophical conundrum, and before breakfast as well. should i answer my boy and break the cardinal rule of doghood? if i were to say "i like rhetorical questions because they allow me to maintain my silence, thus perpetuating the belief that dogs do not speak," i would by that very act be doing just the opposite. but if i did not answer, it would effectively turn what was not a rhetorical question into a rhetorical question. luckily herself stepped into the breach.

"because they don't want to have to go to the trouble of thinking about anything too complicated, especially before breakfast."

maybe she can see into my soul too...


La La said...

"i use my blue eye for matters that require someone's full attention"

Wow! My cat does that with her blue eyes, and I think I do it with mine!

Beautifully written.

I believe pets provide much healing!

flutter said...


womaninawindow said...

I can feel the silence. I wish life could be gentler.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing. Healing does come, but it is a process. Give yourself time.

Pets can be a lifeline for healing. They get so deep into our hearts.

Sending you hugs and comfort.


BlackenedBoy said...
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Anonymous said...

Joker is a wise dog indeed. Funny as well.

Casdok said...

I also believe in the healing powers of animals. Lets hope you heal fast.

geraint said...

Go on, admit it - inspectorgadget is a woman and also your lover, no?

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Goodness me - what a position to be in. I think you're overdue a 'smooth run'for a while - so I hope you're all OK.

womaninawindow said...

Are you guys OK? Jus' wonderin'.