Sunday, May 11, 2008

a saw point

dear readers, in the midst of all the chaos last night herself was hatching a plan. it involved a table. at our old house we had a large porch. in it was a large table. it had originally been a dining table but herself had cut the legs off it to make a coffee table. or more accurately a table for playing chess and monopoly on and for passing children to sit on the floor and draw at. when the legs had come off himself had been rather scathing and done impressions of a table rocking. but herself used the tape measure and amazingly all the legs were cut off at the same length.

anyway, the new house is a little smaller. a spot was found for the table but it has to be said it was not quite right. when the guests came yesterday the coffee table was brought out. the only trouble was it made it impossible for those of us of a furry persuasion to negotiate the living room. my lady friend found this especially difficult due to her poor reversing skills. i could see herself coming up with a devilish plan even as the dripping guests ate their cheese and biscuits.

no sooner had himself left for the footie than the saw came out. my boy is desperate to earn money to buy some bit of gadgetry so he was instructed to take the table to pieces. then herself set to work with the electric saw, cutting the various bits to size. the table is made of bits of wood glued together and is very hard to saw. herself gave up from one end and started on the other end. as you will see from the photo the ends did not meet up. they can build a tunnel under the english channel and get the ends to meet up but herself managed to arrived at entirely different places over a 3 foot span.

my boy was called. he does a subject called dt at school. this involves sawing, among other things. he set to in the way that only a true adhd person can and within a very short time had evened things out. he then sandpapered the rather wobbly edge until you would not have spotted the wobble unless you were a really picky person. herself then re-assembled the table.

when himself got home my boy and herself were lolling around nonchalantly.

"what have you been up to?" asked himself.

"just chilling out," replied herself, waiting for him to notice the vastly reduced table. quite a long conversation ensued before himself did a double take at the table.

it has to be said that it is reminiscent of the time he went to football when herself couldn't walk and came back to find she had pulled out the whole kitchen ready for the new one...


womaninawindow said...

Herself is some sort of super woman. I could take some lessons!

crazymumma said...

I come here, I read the last three posts and I find myself craving poached salmon in your company.

Patience-please said...

Holy Moly you all are brave!!! Sawing tables??? Well, I'm most impressed.

melody is slurping life said...

Herself is a maestro of sawing the table and living to tell about it.

Casdok said...

Lol!!! :)

La La said...

I'd like some salmon, too, please!

Just catching up here. Your stories are great.

Loved the photo of your purse and its contents, too!!!

Lesley Rigby said...

There must never be a dull minute with herself in the house! Talk about a woman of substance. Do you hire her out?

Eileen said...

How I wish I could come and have salmon with you. You are an amazing woman.