Thursday, March 20, 2008

a tough week

this week has not been one of our easiest, dear readers. herself has been busy packing up the house. the trouble is that moving house is very stressful for beefburger people like my boy, and indeed himself. they don't like change. and moving house is change on a quite a big scale. so herself is trying to move house without it showing.

luckily we have the garden room. this is a place which the peeps built for my boy to live in when he was grown up. it has a little bathroom with a shower. the idea was that my boy would be able to live independently and the peeps could make sure he got fed and had the odd shower. alas, this plan will have to be placed in the file labeled 'good ideas that life threw in the bin'. anyway, because the garden room is separate from the house it is the ideal place to put all the boxes. so herself is carefully packing up everything and secreting the boxes out of sight so we can keep the house looking normal for as long as possible.

the lady from the renal unit came to visit. she is a lovely lady who is helping the peeps get their heads round everything. she is particularly helping herself. herself has a thing called vicarious trauma. this is apparently as a result of nasty stuff from work. the lady from the renal unit has rather perceptively seen that the vt will not help matters when himself has his transplant. she has been helping herself using a technique called emdr. this is funny to watch. herself has earphones fixed on her head and sits with her eyes shut. my lady friend and i do what we can to interrupt proceedings.

anyway, this week the lady brought with her a letter which was sent to the doctor. it seems that himself's kidney function is now down to 12%. this is not good news. it means the old kidneys have pretty much given up the ghost. they may not last even until we move. so himself may have to start dialysis at any moment. it will depend on the results of each blood test. as uncle martin is already being tested they are going to rush through the rest of his tests in the hope that they can do the transplant before himself needs to have a pipe put in his stomach.

on monday my boy's teacher rang. she had some very bad news. one of my boy's friends at school had died. this was a little fellow who was in a wheelchair. he had died of a heart attack. as my boy is at a school for special children, the teachers had to carefully explain what had happened to them all in ways they could understand. some of the children don't have many words so they find all this hard to take in. my boy has been shell-shocked by this news. it is wrong that young people die.

amidst all this there is something going on called conveyancing. this seems to be a necessary part of moving house. it seems that the peeps need to exchange contracts with the people they are buying the new house from and the people who are buying our house all at the same time. i cannot see why they can't just hang onto their own contracts. the plan is that we move on 1 april. only the peeps would choose to move on april fools day. but until all this contract stuff is dealt with herself can't book a van. it is all getting very close to the wire. it seems the contract swopping is now not going to happen until next week.

on tuesday herself starts her new job. luckily it is only 2 days a week. if it was full time i don't know when she would find the time to sit and cry among the boxes.


Lesley Rigby said...

The strain herself must be under is just unimagineable. It is bad enough moving house without himself being so ill. She needs lots and lots of help in many ways.

Himself must be tearing his hair out with the frustration of it all. Hopefully he will be a "New man" before too long. Im sure you will all pull together and get through it because you are a WONDERFUL family.

Meg said...

You poor guys. What a rough time you are having lately. I'm keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

liv said...

oh, bless you. it's rough right now. sending hugs and love through these internets.

Anonymous said...

It never rains but it pours. Sounds like it's flooding right now. Please mention to herself, that she has to take care of herself as well. The beagles and I will send good thoughts, although I suppose if it's beagles sending good thoughts it would involve food or poop of some sort. Maybe I shall just send good thoughts myself. Take care sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all. Don't forget forget your a tough cookie. Life throws you this grief, and even if you don't believe it right now, you will get through this, all of you.
Sgt Goose

Anonymous said...

The stress and stain of all of this must feel so overwhelming to you all. Hang in there, this will all work out. You are NOT alone. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, always.
Sending love, traquil and healing thoughts.

Patience-please said...

Oh my merciful heavens, things aren't so merciful right now, are they? I would be a MESS trying get through half of what you are facing.
You are such a gifted writer! You will get through all this, and odd as it is, you have a woman - and nine whippets - sending you all the strength and positive energy we can muster from a small city in Western Kentucky in the USA.

all the best-
Patience and the whippets