Saturday, December 01, 2007

enjoying a bit of dog-time

my boy shares my views about the fairer sex. we often have chats about how to keep the little ladies happy. herself, who is of a rather independent mind, cannot understand how she produced such an unreconstructed creature.

today he came up with a gem. he was talking to herself about the best way to control anger.

"i think the best way to calm someone down is to throw them into a very cold pool," he announced.

"what an interesting idea," mused herself, "so next time you are angry i should throw you in the pond?"

"oh, no," said my boy, "it only works on women."


flutter said...


Anonymous said...

I snorted too!

Navi said...

I'm chuckling. I was about to send that post to my husband, but then I thought better of it... wouldn't want to give him any ideas..