Tuesday, July 03, 2007


this is just a very quick post but i have persuaded herself to write it now before i forget this morning's gem. my boy was just chatting about school to put off the evil moment when he has to get in the shower.

"in geography i had to design a travel poster about an exciting holiday," he told the peeps, "my poster was of a static caravan."

"lovely!" said herself. not everyone would enjoy a caravan holiday, and certainly even fewer would consider it exciting but my boy has been desperate to go on one for ages.

"my poster didn't look all that exciting so i jazzed it up a bit."

"how?" asked herself, nervously, thinking about more messages in the home/school book.

"oh, i drew britney spears in the background, being electrocuted."

"britney spears?" asked himself.

"yeah, she only had one leg." said my boy, a trifle too nonchalantly, "she lost the other one to diabetes."

these beefburger people have unusual minds...


Tabba said...

HAHA! I love it.

I totally get them, though. And their sense of things. Don't you?

jen said...

he is brilliant. electrocuted? diabetes? brilliant.

themikestand said...

hee! Hilarious. Good selling point, too. Who wouldn't remember that poster?

(via Indie Bloggers)

jamie said...


*runs away and hides with lion under a pile of other lions.*

Sounds good. Posters are cool.


Jamie & Lion