Thursday, July 19, 2007

joker the schmoozer!

dear readers, i have been honoured with an award! it seems i am a schmoozer! i did not know what this was so i had to look it up. i was given this award by the wonderful mrs deb whose blog herself reads avidly. i have never had any sort of award, nor been tagged to answer those wonderful quizzes full of questions you never knew you would need to know the answer to.

i have only one slight gripe: mrs deb seems to think that the editorial input in my blog comes from herself, whereas of course herself only provides the secretarial support due to my problem of typing with paws. the kernels of wisdom that i share with my readers emanate from beneath my own shaggy eyebrows. however, i would not wish to be a prima donna. herself is often generous enough to share her sandwiches with me, not always knowingly, of course, but that does not in any way detract from their tastiness. so i will share my fame and schmooziness with her.

one of the terms of the award is that i have to name another 5 blogs that deserve a similar award. two of the blogs i would name have already been nabbed by mrs deb so i will have to name some more. it is impossible to choose; herself reads so many blogs to me that my head is spinning trying to decide. but here goes: can we kick the bar here, , spectrum of possibilities, the eyes have it, free range living, and the lurchers.

so there you are people, go forth and schmooze!


jen said...

how well deserved is this. i applaud you in sharing this with herself, as she does her sandwiches with you.

Anonymous said...

I must apologize Joker, of course it is your writing that I adore and yes I understand that herself only provides technical assistance and fodder. Wishing you many unattended sandwiches.