Thursday, June 28, 2007

kick boxing

herself has ordered some new shoes. these are no ordinary shoes. these are shoes that will turn her into a masai warrior. i am not sure she needs to get any more warrior-like. she is already quite stroppy enough. when she answered a few questions on the internet to see what sort of weather she was the answer was: "
you are wind, strong and overpowering, a force to be reckoned with - no one dares cross you. you have the power to change everything around you.
you are best known for: your wrath. your dominant state: commanding." i think maybe a pair of fluffy pink mules would be a better bet.

this shoe thing all started with the pilates teacher. pilates is nothing to do with flying planes. i don't think the captain would like it at all. it is to do with trying to make your stomach look thinner. my own view is that herself would have more chance of a thinner stomach if she gave up having fried eggs for breakfast. anyway, herself goes off every tuesday to flex her stomach muscles in the vain hope that people will stop asking her when the baby is due.

last week the pilates teacher gave herself and the other baggy stomached people a leaflet about the shoes that she wears. herself had already noticed these shoes. they looked comfy and springy. since herself snapped her achilles tendon doing taekwondo (a whole nother story) she has been finding it hard to find comfy shoes.

as soon as she got home she got on the net. it seems that not only are these masai warrior shoes comfy and springy but they also exercise your legs and stomach just by wearing them. this is because they are unstable. i don't like to speak out of turn but herself is quite unstable enough without wearing dodgy shoes.

it seems that these shoes are worn by all the film stars and models that you see on the telly. so they will make you look like madonna. madonna is quite a cool lady, even to my untutored eye. but frankly, to make herself look like madonna would take more than a pair of shoes. one thing is for sure, they will be good for doing what herself and her colleagues seem to do a fair bit of, kicking ass.


Anonymous said...

More unstable? Is that wise my dear?

jen said...

kicking ass, indeed.

pilates has nothing to do with flying planes...this cracked me right up.

Tabba said...

there are so many lines in this post that cracked me up!!

you always do that though ;)