Sunday, March 28, 2010

lazing on a sunday afternoon

dear readers, i know many of you will have been waiting with bated breath to find out what happened to the dishwasher. would the wonderful engineers manage to fix it or would the peeps be doomed to wash up by hand for ever more?

well, sunday dawned fine and herself was up with the lark to go and feed bonzo and libby. young dave and i tagged along and were rewarded with a walk along the south downs way. on the way we came across a man trying to tempt rabbits into a wooden box. young dave and i were just about to offer a little help when we were rather unceremoniously placed on our leads. we never did discover why the man had not just got himself a lurcher.

i digress. we shot off home and herself set to with gusto preparing a large brunch for her old friend traveling john, who had stayed the night, the snake-charmers and the next doors. there was a lot of frying and grilling, during which young dave managed to liberate several chipolatas. i think he would have settled for one but herself had failed to cut them apart from their fellows before cooking them. of course i had to help him finish them. there ensued a cheerful interlude of munching and chatting. eventually the guests began to head off to get on with stuff.

then there was a knock at the door. it was our aunty! and mr jos! they had come prepared with bags of tools and, hardly pausing for a cuppa, set to work dismantling the dishwasher. they very politely did not comment too much on the battered panels caused by herself having tried to lever them off without removing all the screws. aunty jos even refrained from commenting on herself's failure to keep track of which screw went where. things were going swimmingly until herself offered to help*. she was persuaded to stick to taking pictures of proceedings, so i will leave it to them to illustrate how our wonderful engineers sorted out the beast in double-quick time.

and here, dear readers, you can see a lot of shiny, clean pots and pans! yay!

it only remains for me to say, unaccustomed as i am to this sort of thing, that the peeps, young dave and i are forever grateful to aunty and mr jos. the peeps, for not having to wash up by hand, and young dave and i for the resumption of the canine pre-wash, which was put on hold for the duration due to handwashed plates not getting sterilised afterwards. bit fussy if you ask me but its all water under the bridge now...

*this sentence was actually thought up during the operation by aunty jos, but i am sure she will not mind me stealing it.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of all the green in your backyard. Sigh. We had snow twice last week. Although it is all gone now, it's still not green here. Soon.

Maddy said...

Glad things are back to 'normal.' Out here they charge $100 call out charge, tell you that it will cost $250 to put in a new motor but they'l have to order the parts. A new one costs $300.

Would almost be worth while sending aunty and Mr. Jos a plane ticket.

Jos said...

Maddy it's the same here, there's a massive shortage of trades-people which leads to some feeling they can charge whatever with impunity. Best to invest in some decent DIY manuals!! (much cheaper than plane tickets.

Wish we'd had more time Joker but Mr Jos was starting to get that funny look that means he's to be shipped off quick-smart before he starts getting the grumps. xx

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful read which had me smiling again. So glad all turned out well. Loved the pics.