Thursday, July 30, 2009

boys will be boys

dear readers, meet gimley. he is a large fellow with many wrinkles as you will see. i have yet to meet him as it is felt i might forget myself and try to get macho with him. it is not hard to guess who would come off worse in an arm-wrestling contest. gimley lives at the stables where herself goes for some peace and quiet. he has 6 fellow canines, one of which is a pug. the young snake-charmer is mad about pugs so herself took her to be introduced. i would show you a picture of the pug but pugs, it appears, do not stand still long enough to be photographed.

herself has been particularly enjoying her time at the stables this week. life is, as usual, a little fraught and time with large calm beasts seems to be the order of the day. the fraughtness arises from my boy and his education. "what a surprise!" i hear you say. my boy says he is no longer keen on the nice college with the animals. i think that in reality he is again feeling the pull of a career sitting in the dark playing computer games. getting used to change is not something that people of the beefburger persuasion are all that good at.

it has not helped that the peeps have still not managed to get the local irritation authority to agree to pay for the college. herself wrote a rather cross letter to the lawyer for the local irritation authority, saying that if they wouldn't agree to pay the fees she would pay them herself and sue the local education authority to get them back. she was able to make this promise because her maamship has offered to lend the peeps the money.

the letter seems to have moved things on a little. a nice man called ed sike came earlier this week to talk to my boy and do tests to see how clever he is. the peeps were rather concerned that young dave might let the side down with his mutty behaviour but mr sike has a dog of his own so was thankfully unshockable. next week my boy has to see a doctor and then hopefully the local irritation authority will be able to issue a new statement saying how wild my boy is and how much he has grown since the last statement of wildness was written. once this has been done things might finally get sorted out.

herself, meanwhile, is forging ahead with her own plans for education. she is going on a horse course. this is not to learn about horses but about therapy using horses. her maamship, upon hearing about horse therapy, said she had a mental picture of a horse sitting with its legs crossed asking someone how long they had been feeling like this. herself explained that the horse does the therapy without even speaking, which sounds most impressive. the horse course is not far from where her maamship resides so herself is going to spend the weekend with her maamship and travel to the horse course each day. young dave and i are to stay at home with himself and my boy. it will be very odd without the feminine influence that herself provides. i will miss the sound of drilling and hammering...


Deirdre said...

Please make sure herself has heard of the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy, where our boy went when he was very very small for a few years, then again when he was older. It is truly amazing, especially as Frankie Dettori among others, is involved with it.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend my dear.

Anonymous me said...

Horse therapy sounds wonderful. Such powerful and at the same time restful creatures have much to teach us I reckon. Hope you don't get up to any mischief Joker whilst herself is not about to keep tabs on you all! xxJ

Maddy said...

Ooo my. My daughter was just reading over my should and we both agree that you and Thatcher bear a strong similarity to one another [mainly in the snout / hair department] Although Thatcher is large enough to eat you as a tiny snakette, luckily he is also very friendly.

Similarly, pugs are absolutely adored around here but we didn't make that choice due to [some would say] inherent health problems.

Anyway, I forgot what I was going to say now.

Tabba said...

just stopping in to say hello & that i miss you dearly <3.

Woman in a Window said...

Your wit bites and then rubs a rather pasty salve over. I always rather enjoy it? Wonder if that means I could use some horse therapy myself?

Hope the course was a great experience. When my daughter was having rather heavy issues a few years ago (holy crap, at five years old!) we enrolled her in horseback riding. To see her five not shudder but to master a horse was something impressive. And now she seems perfectly reasonable in between the only somewhat rougher times.

uphilldowndale said...

Did you ask the horse about its relationship with its mother?
Not sure about Pugs, a bit snotty for my liking, we've been test driving Springer Spaniels!