Thursday, August 06, 2009


readers, here you can see a rather poorly designed box. as you will see, the bottom slopes. every time the box is stood up it falls over. this box contains puff pastry. himself was making some sort of meat pie with pastry on top and herself decided to make a tart with the leftovers. but every time she stood the box up to read the instructions it fell over. so before she could make a start she had to modify the box. as you do.

then the tart was made:

and baked:

and was by all accounts delicious, although of course yours truly never got within a munch of it.

meanwhile, my boy was filling in one of the endless forms from the irritation authority. this form was to get my boys views about his education. my boy was scathing about the form.

"what do they mean 'what do i like about school?' i haven't been to school in months!"

"just keep it polite and try and answer the questions" said himself.

"and why has it got an exclamation mark after where it says 'tell us about yourself!' ? do they think i am going to be more motivated if they put an exclamation mark there? how patronising! i will not be controlled by punctuation!"

as my boy gives the Hoard of Menopausal Women a run for their money i somehow doubt a little bitty exclamation mark is going to cut the mustard...


Anonymous me said...

I am with your boy on this one!

It must seem so endless all this ... bloody bureaucracy ... bloody-bloody irritation authority!!!!

I've often thought the same thing about the pastry box (you won't be at all surprised to learn ha ha!)

Right, enough punctuation from me. Joker please give herself a huge lick and snuggle in close so she feels it just right. xx Jos

Woman in a Window said...

"i will not be controlled by punctuation!"
Fut, I love that boy!!!

deb said...

I'm not terribly keen on forms either.

Rikkij said...

Ah! a rebel! come here, boy, come with me. I'll learn ya well. We'll sail the seas backwards and shoot the moon with duck farts. We'll 2+2=5 and eat snickers fer breakfast. Give im to me, I tell ya. I'll return to ya a proper flask of piss and vinegar! ~rick

MBNAD woman said...

Forms. Aaah, one of my favourite subjects. I felt my BP go up a notch when I read the post.

In my mother's later years, I had to fill in forms on her behalf for all sorts of things like Attendance Allowance and other Workhouse / Poor Law related benefits. She was 86 years old, frail and suffering from macular degeneration. I had a 40 page form to complete. One question asked if she had entered the country in the last few months. Being of the Daily Express persuasion, that set off a rant along the lines of "Do they think I'm an IMMIGRANT. This is MY country ..." Once we got through that, the next question was "Have you had a baby in the last 11 months?". I didn't even bother reading that one out to her.

BTW: can I come to tea? It looks delicious.

Mad x

starrlife said...

The boy makes some good points- as does the fixer of the box!!!!