Sunday, August 19, 2007


waiting for dinner...

i am rather in disgrace. it all started yesterday when himself went to the football. herself and my boy took me to the downs for a walk. no sooner had we got out of the car and started our walk than i spied a large black dog coming towards me. this triggered a reaction. some time ago a large black dog made a large red hole in my chest which required a number of stitches. this has made me rather nervous of large black dogs.

anyway, the old hackles went up, the lip turned back and i found myself rushing at the poor fellow, who on closer inspection turned out to be a gentle sort. although (or perhaps because) i have the muzzle on people find me running towards their dogs rather alarming. herself made an ill-judged grab for my collar but instead made contact with something sharp - either the buckle on my muzzle or perhaps the edge of it. given my velocity this was unwise. the black dog and his owner passed on and herself was left looking at her finger. her hand was rapidly filling with blood. my boy was told to search her pockets for a tissue in order to avoid the clothes copping it.

just at this moment a couple walked past and gave them a funny look. i suppose a teenage boy going through the pockets of a middle-aged woman with a handful of blood must look odd. as no tissue could be found they went back to the car. mrs captain gave herself a first aid kit when she left for warmer climes and luckily this was in the car. a rapid patch-up was done and they headed home for proper repairs.

luckily, herself has recently bought quite a bit of first aid stuff. this is because she is incredibly accident prone just now and not a day has gone by without carnage. so she got out a dressing thing and some surgical tape and taped up the finger while my boy did what all sensible folk do in a crisis and put the kettle on for a pot of tea.

unfortunately for herself, she did not read the instructions for the dressings. they are called non-stick dressings so she assumed they would not stick. however, when it got wet in the shower this morning and had to be changed, it became apparent that it was well and truly stuck. as the cut is quite large removing the dressing was painful. in fact very much so, to the point where herself looked like she was going to keel over and had to lie down to avoid fainting. himself doesn't like it when she is hurt so spent quite some time tickling my tummy. i believe this is known as displacement activity. while this was very pleasant it seemed a bit tactless.

my boy persuaded himself, who is a qualified first aider, to help. he read the instructions on the dressings. it seems that only one side is non-stick. i suppose the other side has to stick to the surgical tape. after a fair bit more wailing the finger was once again bandaged up. herself has taken to her bed with the laptop and is trying to persuade my boy to supply her with cups of tea. himself is watching the tv. all that is on the screen is writing. this is because he is watching the radio on the tv so there are no pictures. don't ask.

i am keeping a low profile...


Tabba said...

hope that finger heals up.

and good on your boy for being so attentive with the tea.

you always plaster me with laughs, Joker. I am forever grateful :)

mcewen said...

Ooo woe, woe, woe. Judging by this, I'd assume that you've already read 'thinking in pictures' by Temple Grandin, but if you haven't already come across it, I think you might enjoy it.
Best wishes and rest that hand!

flutter said...

The finger will be ok, how's your heart?

deb said...

Watching the radio on the TV, I won't ask. Hope the finger heels quickly, no, that should read I hope Joker heels quickly and your finger heals quickly. I crack myself up sometimes:)
I'm off to bed too shortly to read and write in my other journal, how to stop trying to control every little thing in my life. Is that possible? Is it even a good idea? Couldn't tell you.
Joker looks suspiciously like my dogs when they've been up to no good, actually they usually look like that. Can't imagine why. Take care.

Kerrio said...

I LOVE that photo... classic!

and ... OW.