Monday, September 28, 2009

fame and misfortune

dear readers, this picture has nothing much to do with my musing for today, but herself likes to have a picture for you. this is gimley and daisy. more unlikely friends it would be hard to imagine. daisy tells gimley what to do. daisy is on the right.

today's musing is about legal matters. and shingle. i will start with the shingle since it is more interesting. regular readers will know that her maamship has had to buy a house over the road to the peeps in order to avoid having to sleep in her van when she visits. the house over the road was previously owned by a lady whose health was poor, so the garden is in a bit of a mess. herself offered to do the garden. her maamship was pleased with this plan. she gave herself a free rein on the design, as she is so fond of our garden. i am not sure this was such a good idea. himself was rather negative about it too. he likes things to be done properly, with a plan. herself tends to be rather more organic in her designs.

today herself ordered a huge bag of shingle and some railway sleepers. the shingle is to cover all the weeds and the railway sleepers are to make a raised veg bed. herself made it clear to the bloke at the builders merchant that when they delivered them they should place the bag of shingle in the front garden on the lawn and be careful not to crush the flowers. she then went off to ride mrs lupin's horse, who is a most charming chap.

when she got back, the builders merchant had delivered the railway sleepers and the shingle. the railway sleepers were neatly stacked alongside the house. the huge bag of shingle was in the road. this in itself would not have been such a problem. but it was in the space for the car owned by the lady at the end of the road. this lady cannot walk very far which is why she has a special space for her car. her car was in the rest of the space but herself felt very worried that the lady would have trouble getting out. she went round and apologised to the lady. then the peeps spent a happy hour shovelling shingle into the front garden of her maamship's house. as soon as they had lightened the bag sufficiently they were able to pull it out of the lady's space and into a space that adjoined it. by now the peeps were a little flaked, so after a shower they settled down to an evening of chefs and forensic science dramas.

and the legal thing? i am threatened with being sued! i cannot think of a greater honour than to have annoyed someone enough for them to feel they need to sue me. and as herself says, all i have to my name is a magnetic collar, so it is a fruitless exercise. i am to be sued because i offered words of support to the famous inspector gadget, a blogger of repute. as the dear inspector is also owned by a lurcher i felt it was the least i could do. so watch this space...


uphilldowndale said...

We do indeed watch this space, with interest.

Vetnurse said...

Let's face it Daisy is the one with the brains, Grimley is a big slobbery softie. :-)

Casdok said...

Sued?! That should be interesting!

Cheryl said...

I love your posts, they never fail to interest me and make me try to picture these things in my head.

However, being sued? That does not sound like a good thing. Not anything you need to deal with at this point.

Been thinking of you.


Woman in a Window said...

OK, what's shingle? I kept waiting for an, er, interesting case of, not that. And then shingles for the roof? Um, nope. Mulch? Maybe. I know, I should do my own leg work. Is there a British Canadian translator on-line?

Sued. Dude. You must be important.

Joker the Lurcher said...

mrs window, shingle is sort of large gravel. herself is a great believer in weed control, hence the gravel. i need to be more aware of my worldwide readership - it must have given you a very strange picture of a garden covered in cedarwood shingles!

phiangle said...


Sounds like someone is after your bowl and chew toy.

Keep up the good work