Wednesday, February 06, 2008

wet feet

here is a picture of young rokit. i am attaching this so you can be reminded of how good he is at looking as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. that is a saying. butter wouldn't be in his mouth long enough to melt - he has developed a fine technique for thieving called 'snatch and swallow'.

anyway, on monday herself and my lady friend went to collect young rokit. i am still indisposed with my shoulder so i have to rely on my lady friend's accounts of what goes on. this is somewhat hampered by her lack of vocabulary. having spent her life in a shed, with outings only at night to kill small furry animals, the modern world is something of a conundrum to her. but with careful forensic questioning i am usually able to piece together what has befallen her.

the plan on monday was that the peeps would take my lady friend and young rokit on the beach, then call in at himself's school to copy some files that herself needs for a thing she is working on for them, then go to a meeting with a lady who may have a bit of work for herself. herself was keen to appear relatively in control of life in order to make a good impression on the lady.

it appears that things went a little awry on the beach. a young pup who is an acquiantance of young rokit's appeared. young rokit decided to forget all that mr and mrs rokit have taught him about coming back when people call him. he ran into the distance with the pup. then he came back and looked as though he was seeing the error of his ways. but then he ran off the other way. my lady friend tried to reason with him but assertiveness is not one of her strong points. after about 10 minutes of this herself was very croaky from shouting. himself was in a towering rage. he was in danger of being late for work so herself said he should head off.

a further 10 minutes of shouting and bawling failed to make any impression on young rokit. herself tried to creep up on him. she was standing with her back to the sea and trying to sound as though she was a nice person, rather than someone who would like to strangle a wayward lurcher. in came a big wave. it soaked herself up to the knees. by now herself was a little upset. she was also freezing, which is not good when you have a chest infection. at this point rokit gave up the ghost and allowed himself to be put on the lead. i think he saw the murderous look in her eyes.

all this had made herself a little later than she planned for her meeting. she also now had one shoe that was much wetter than the other one and accordingly a totally different colour. herself debated whether to put the other foot in the sea to make them match, but thought better of this in case anyone saw her.

as it turned out the meeting went well anyway. the lady is a nice lady, even though i understand that she is not too wild about dogs. well, nobody's perfect. and of course she hasn't met me yet...


liv said...

at the risk of being a crab apple, i must say that i prefer allie dog to stay in the comfort of our home while i conduct the business of daily life. i am woefully canine averse in the public realm.

but, it must be said that i have not met you.

Patience-please said...

Oh I do love your writing! Thank you for a lovely smile with my coffee.
I hope you are feeling better-

William Gruff said...

This blog brings a broad smile to my face, and Mrs Gruff's too.

Joker The Lurcher said...

why thank you, dear readers!

flutter said...

well if anyone could change her mind about dogs, I know that it would be you.