Tuesday, April 24, 2007


herself got home from work last night very tired. they have had some pretty upsetting cases at work lately and herself is not always that good at taking her mind off the damaged and disturbed folks she comes across. so she was looking forward to flopping down in front of the telly and watching nonsense.

"mummy" said my boy "i need some trunks!" dear readers, this is not tree trunks or indeed elephants trunks, but swimming trunks. by now the shops were shut. "we'll get some at the weekend" said herself. "i need them tonight" said my boy. it would appear that he had a lesson called swimmity at school and had to have trunks. "what is wrong with your old trunks?" asked herself, wanly. "they are way too small" explained my boy. it has to be said that he has had the old trunks a long time. but then he only grows up rather than out.

"it is way too late to buy trunks now" said herself. "we can get them from the leisure centre" said my boy, with his indefatigable logic, "they are open late." "how will we know that they sell them? asked herself, in desperation. "we can phone them up!" he said. "great idea, give them a ring" said herself. "i can't ring them, i have no social skills!" said my boy. once herself had stopped laughing she got the phone and discovered that trunks were indeed available at the leisure centre.

my boy was duly measured and it was ascertained that he was indeed very skinny. off they went with the tape measure to buy the trunks. there were many pairs of trunks, most of which would have fallen down and caused severe embarrassment. but eventually a pair was found which were suitable. "i need goggles too" said my boy. so goggles were purchased as well. my boy wore them in the car on the way home. "you look like someone in one of those vintage cars with no roof" said herself. so each time they went past a car my boy whipped off the goggles. however he was persuaded to pose for the camera...


Anonymous said...

"i can't ring them, i have no social skills!" said my boy.

Too funny and he does look like one of those vintage car drivers.

Hope he had a good swim.

Tabba said...

I agree with Deb.....that line of his got a chuckle out of me.

Oh, and what a sweet, sweet face he has :)

Andrea said...

Embrace it ("I have no social skills") and it will not victimize you...

My son has told me, "I'm concerned, I'm not that successful in new social situations," and then gone on to be the most solicitous person in the room. Once when talking about his success afterwards he very seriously told me, "well, I guess that would be an example of irony."

Wonderful stuff here on your blog, btw! Add me to your list of readers across the pond.