Friday, December 17, 2010

the snood

dear reader, here you can see the young snake-charmer modelling herself's latest creation. herself has taken up knitting in an effort to while away the dark winter nights. her friend the hypnotist has shown her a website where you can look up patterns to knit and find out all about knitting. needless to say, herself has taken to knitting with gusto. you couldn't hear yourself think for the clicking of needles. as soon as it was finished herself wanted a photo of it for the knitting website. as the young snake-charmer was visiting she offered to be the model.

no sooner had the young snake-charmer got into the snood than she let out a massive sneeze and ran towards the kitchen in search of kitchen paper.

"don't get snot on the snood!" wailed herself. luckily the snood escaped harm. after the young snake charmer had worn it for a while she complained of being hot and peeled it off.

it was then the turn of himself to try it:

once my boy had seen how fetching it was he too had a go:

i refused, being in something of a grump. but young dave was persuaded to model the snood, albeit reluctantly:

i somehow feel herself is unlikely to see much of it...

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flutter said...

Oh I love it, Joker. You look smashing!

Lilith said...

OMG! Dave looks fabulous, as do the others of course.

WOL said...

Where did she come by the pattern, pray tell? The color is nice on young Dave. "Don't get snot on the snood!" made me laugh so hard. She might also look here for a knitting pattern:

Jos said...

Well I must say that Dave looks totally smashing in the snood. I hope herself's grumps were short lived. Reminds me of my mother as she was much taken with living almost permanently in a grump for some years ... I swear she clicked her knitting needles louder to indicate her ongoing displeasure! My "project scarf" is still shamefully short ... must do a bit more today.

ho ho ho ... not long to go! xx Jos

Jos said...

of course I now realise that it was not herself in a grump at all! Duh ... silly aunty!

Was just popping by to follow WOL's link and there you are too! Blogging is just so cool that way. xx

Let Go, Let God said...

I love it. I took up knitting when I lived in Scotland. This makes me want to pick up the needles again. Nice snood. Good work, and healthy to have a hobby.