Tuesday, June 01, 2010

sad news

dear readers, again i have to apologise for not writing for so long. this time it is not just that i haven't been able to get herself focused. our whole family has been low and rather lacking in fun. this is because herself's dad has died.

shortly after the horsebox affair, which my readers will recall from my last post, herself received a call from her dad's wife to say that he had had a stroke. this was not the nice sort of stroke that dogs and horses enjoy but more by way of a sort of brain accident which left him in a bad way. herself went up to wales to see him in hospital and came back very quiet and rather sad. it seems he was not able to talk or move or do very much other than show with his eyes that things were not feeling all that good inside. for someone who had ridden a motorbike until he was 70 it must have been hard being stuck in hospital unable to swear at anyone.

herself rang every night to see how things were. for some time they stayed the same but then went downhill. on 15 may he died.

i was very fond of him. he had a soft spot for dogs and whenever we met he would give my head a scratch and say nice things about me. he was nearly as old as me if you take the dog years/human years thing into account. last week was his funeral and he was given what the welsh call a good send off, with jazz music playing him out.


Catofstripes said...

So sorry to hear this, sympathies

Lou said...

so sorry to hear about your bad news. Hope the family gets through this one - imagine it will be very tough. hugs x

uphilldowndale said...


Jos said...

Do me a favour Joker will you? You will need Dave as well for this one. Sidle up to each side of herself and lean in ... and just stay put for a bit. Let her know just how loved and special she is. It is especially important to do this whenever you see herself looking sad.

It's hard sometimes to know how to feel ... what to feel even. I guess that's because it's such an individual thing. Which means there's no right and wrong way to be.

Lovely picture btw ... something very familar about those eyes.

Waremst hugs and loads of them. xx Jos

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry.... he sounds like one helluva guy. It's hard to see a spunky guy so low and then to have him leave. My condolences to the whole family as well as hugs all around. You furry people take care of the others!

Ian said...

Joker, I've never met you or any of your family but somehow, through this blog, I feel I know you all as if you were my family.

my heart goes out to you all, I can't pretend to know what herself is feeling as I've not been in the same position, next time she's looking glum, go and give her an extra special lick and cuddle from me. Get Dave to help too.


Shelia said...

So sorry for your loss. I know that must be really difficult. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. I'm sending a big hug.

flutter said...

Oh honey, i am so sorry

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. I wish there was something more I could say or do, just know how very sorry I am. I'm thinking of you and of your family as you go through the grieving process. How is the rest of your family holding up?
If you need to talk or anything else, please know that I am here.
Again, my deepest sympathies.