Saturday, August 23, 2008

knit your own dog lead

dear readers, apologies again for my absence. life has been all a bit of a blur lately. much of my time has been spent educating young dave into the ways of lurcherhood. he is a quick learner and if, i say so myself, i am not a bad teacher. i cut my teeth (a saying, for those readers of a literal type of mind) on young rokit, who had a school report every day detailing his performance in skills such as 'eating nasty things' and 'rolling in nasty things'. young dave has learnt how to sit looking cute before he gets his food, how to get off the sofa when he hears someone coming, how to steal tea from the cup (this will get easier for him as his nose gets pointier) and some basic gardening techniques. in this picture you can see him tending to some rushes.

the rush is an interesting plant. from what i gather you can make things from it. i have been keeping very quiet about this in case herself hears. we have just entered phase 2 of the 'knit your own muesli' project. herself has decided to take up dressmaking again. she sent off for a book from the internet about how to make your own dress patterns. this book is second hand and dates back to the 1980s. the photos of garments being modelled by ladies with very big hair made herself laugh. the drawings of the pattern made himself laugh. the principle of this pattern is that you make a large T shape and adapt it to make garments.

himself reminded herself about her efforts at knitting when my boy was a baby. somewhere she had got the idea that to be a good mother you had to knit things for your baby. as she did not have much skill in the knitting department she decided to make simple jumpers. they were a T shape. the first jumper, while rather odd, at least fitted my boy. it had black and yellow stripes and made him look like a bee. the second jumper was not quite such a success. it had red and green stripes. but the colour was not the problem. the problem was that it was a little tight under the arms, making it impossible for my boy to put his arms down by his sides. he looked like a little aeroplane. the peeps decided in the interests of blood circulation to his hands that he had better not wear the red and green jumper.

anyway, in order to make the pattern for the T shaped clothes, herself had to cut out a large piece of brown paper. first she had to go out and buy brown paper. then she had to fix the table so that the middle leaf stayed in (the removal men had done something to it redering it rather floppy). my boy came down in the middle of this and asked casually why the table was lying upside down like a stranded beetle when herself was supposed to be sewing. he was soon roped into holding it together while herself hammered and screwed brackets in to the underside. i bet he wished he had kept his mouth shut.

the brown paper T shape was eventually completed. i could not for the life of me see how this could be worn out of the house. one drop of rain and it would be mush. but it appears that this is only stage 1. there are many more stages before the garment is ready, not least the one where herself will cut out fabric in the T shape. the paper is just to cut around.

earlier in the week himself and uncle martin went up to london to meet the surgeon who is going to do the kidney swopping. it all sounds fine, although some of uncle martin's tests had not arrived the day before the appointment and had to be biked around the country by the 3 hospitals involved to avoid the appointment being cancelled. they have now been given a date for the operation. in fact they have been given two dates, although i understand only one kidney is moving. the first date is 15 october, but in case this doesn't come off they have a second date of 12 november. her maamship is coming to mind my boy while himself is in hospital so herself can go up and down to london without having to bring him each time. i am going to mind young dave. i hope by then his puddle-making tendencies will have diminished. i am not sure how to work the mop with my paws...


hilary said...

written at 5.36 am eh?

a longtime habit of yours, I daresay :-)

i'm glad to catch up on your doings, and to hear news of Mike and Dave.

you make me smile, and as ever, I am wishing you the best possible in the world

crazymumma said...

Herself certainly loves these intense projects that always seem to rebuilding something or other in the house.

Personally I love the look of those rushes, I could see a big interesting mat being woven from them....

womaninawindow said...

What a helpful little gardener. When my lab gets to gardening I'm afraid I get to playing a little soccer with his arse.

Patience-please said...

What an enchanting photo. Sounds like puppy training is going well, and great news to have a transplant date!

flutter said...

THAT FACE!!!! kills me

Maddy said...

I see insomnia reigns your way too. At least you know that you're in good company all round. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, if you can't manage a mop, maybe she can knit you some clawless mitteens instead to tide you over.

She said...

Can't wait to see a photo of the dress you are making! Also, I'd love to see the jumpers you knitted for the boy when he was a baby! I bet they were ADORABLE!

So glad you have a date for the kidney transplant. I'm thinking of you all and praying.


Eileen said...

So glad you have a date for the kidney transplant. This is indeed wonderful news.

Sounds like your household is pretty active right now, as only a new puppy can do. I am with you on mopping duty.

Love, love, love the photo!!

Thinking of you all.

Anil P said...

So much melody in those eyes.