Tuesday, April 29, 2008


last night we had our new neighbours round. they are very nice people. they have a little dog called ruby and some children too. there is a girl who is 10 (the same age as me!) and a boy who is 13 - the same age as my boy. ruby is four months old and a bit of a live wire. as a precaution my lady friend had her face basket fitted before the neighbours arrived and i have to say this was a sound move. young ruby went round the room at breakneck speed, pausing only to sit on himself's shoulder like a parrot. glasses of wine splashed everywhere. luckily this was white wine. red wine would have been a problem for the pale carpets. eventually young ruby was taken home to practice her yoga so the peeps and the neighbours could get to know each other.

i do love a pup. they have such a zest for life. i have missed young rokit. i was looking forward to living over the road to him but he has moved to london to live with a greyhound called roland. this is because his peeps are having to move house. they say that this is nothing to do with us moving in over the road. i hope this is true. i know the peeps can be a bit eccentric but their hearts are in the right place.

anyway, back to the neighbours. their boy is mad into computer games too so he and my boy had a whale of a time changing the course of history with their battles. their girl was worried that young ruby would be lonely so she went home with her to watch recordings of crufts, which apparently young ruby likes. i can only assume that she is a little calmer at home as watching tv whilst roaring round the room at 90 mph would be dizzy-making.

the grown-up neighbours are just the right neighbours for the peeps. mr neighbour makes beautiful things with inlayed shells in a shed at the end of the garden. i suppose that it would not work too well trying to do delicate work in the house, what with ruby and all. he also plays the guitar rather well, with a nice bluesy style. mrs neighbour is just finishing her training as a hair slayer. they seemed to get on like a house on fire (relax readers, just a saying!) with the peeps.

you will notice that i have not put a photo of young ruby at the top of this post. she would not sit still long enough...


Patience-please said...

Sounds like this move is just all around wonderful!

liv said...

i think it's grand to start getting in tune with the neighbourhood. good for you! i should take a lesson from you.

womaninawindow said...

Wine, happy dogs visiting, guitar, inlay and gardening sheds. You do live in a made for tv movie, don't you?